ashdon acupuncture sports injuries
Sports injuries are common and can prevent you being as active as you would like. Acupuncture has been proven to reduce pain and inflammation and accelerate repair, and is used by top athletes such as Rebecca Adlington, who won four medals for Britain at the 2008 and 2012 Olympics.

Injuries can be caused by trauma from a sudden impact or awkward movement, or can develop over time often due to the overuse of the same joints or muscle groups.

The aims of treatment are to relieve pain, control inflammation and accelerate repair. I use massage, acupuncture and sometimes heat. The effect of acupuncture tends to be cumulative so you should notice that the intensity of pain gradually begins to ease, usually over a period of days and weeks. As this happens, treatment is slowly reduced. It is important to continue any remedial exercises you are given, and eventually you should be able to better manage and prevent re-injury yourself.

“Four months after tearing a hamstring, I still suffered from frequent aching and stiffness and was recommended to try acupuncture with Charmian. After four treatments there was a good improvement in my symptoms and I could walk up hills without discomfort. The treatments were not unpleasant and consisted of massage, acupuncture and heat. I was also given useful stretching exercises to do at home. Thank you – I wish I had known about acupuncture before”.
Emily 52