ashdon acupuncture womens healthContemporary womanhood is full of fantastic opportunities but it can also present challenging demands such as juggling family life with work and keeping up in a fast-paced and competitive working world, with the pressure of earning enough money and having enough time to exercise and spend time doing the things we enjoy. All of this can have an impact on health.

“I was having awful PMT from the middle of each month and was irritable and down.  I was bloated, my breasts hurt and once my period arrived it was very painful and heavy. I just got used to going to bed for a couple of days each month but frankly the whole thing was starting to impact on my life. I started having acupuncture and from the first month of treatment my symptoms improved.   I can honestly say that after three months of treatment my periods feel more like normal without such excruciating pain and I’m far less paralysed by the black clouds. I have my energy back, can exercise more, sleep better and am generally much healthier.  I really recommend acupuncture.  Thanks a million for your help and understanding”  Andrea 28

I am especially keen to support women with the niggling and sometimes disabling common health problems they can face at all ages. You can look at the British Acupuncture website factsheets for a number of conditions such as dysmenorrhea (painful periods), endometriosis, PCOS, premenstrual syndrome, cystitis and hot flushes.

Menopause is also a time when various health problems can arise such as hot flushes, sleep disturbance, fatigue, mood swings, forgetfulness and loss of libido. Although the average duration of these symptoms is around 4 years, it is disturbing that in around 10% of women they can last longer than 12 years. (Polity 2008).

I much prefer the traditional Chinese concept of menopause as a “second spring”, conveying the idea that this is a time for a new lease of life. By dispensing with a monthly cycle, which may have become draining and problematic, we can welcome better health and more energy.

However, although this is a vast improvement on the situation faced by women in the past, who by 40 years old were exhausted by multiple pregnancies, it does not always feel that we can be peaceful and serene! The reality of life for many is that we will increasingly confront the idea of working for longer, supporting elderly parents who are living longer and even our grown-up children who, having left home, may need continual financial and emotional support.